Yo Mic!
I haven’t been on here in forever but what I want to say us too damn long to tweet. Haha.

The title itself was over 180 characters. Haha.

But seriously. I just read something that really put things into perspective for me. I won’t directly quote the person but it really hit home. In situations like that I can’t help but feel like it’s god trying to send a message. On the surface it looks like I have it all figured out. But I’ve been going through an identity crisis the last couple months. And the quote that I’m speaking of just made me realize why. I’m just not happy. Now. Do I have things in my life that make me happy?  Job, beautiful girlfriend, a bunch of earthly possessions(shoes, cars and shit). But it’s just something missing. I’ve always believed that happiness was achieved through spiritual enlightenment. Meaning you can have a million things. But if you don’t Love the person looking back through the mirror. It all means nothing. Maybe I’m just beginning my journey. My journey to self righteousness.  I know it sounds like a bunch of rambling. But it’s just me. Whispering muted screams to an invisible audience. Don’t mind me.


This is the infamous video of the guy slapping beyonce on the ass during her concert last night.

He’s really lucky he didn’t die. 

He’s my new hero. Haha.

This is a REAL hero.

As crazy as he looks.

If this doesn’t make you feel some type of way.

You have no soul.

If this doesn’t make you happy.

You have no soul.

Or you’re probably a racist.

Either one.

They mentioned my dude on ESPN.

First team bitch.

It’s the Mob.

I’m the undisputed captain of #TeamNoLife and #TeamNoFriends. But you’re more than welcome to join the club if you’d like. Accepting all applicants.

Funniest Video I’ve seen in a very long time.

Classic Jay-Z.

Open Letter.

I hit it I hit I hit I hit I hit it first!

As petty as this is.

The song is actually catchy as hell. Haha.

This guy is way to honest. Haha.

Chris just telling everything these days.